What Do You Know About SEO and When Did You Know It?

So, you know you need to do SEO.

But, *whispers*, what does that even mean, exactly?

It means search engine optimization.

Ok, but what does that mean, exactly?

Feeling a little behind the curve? Let’s have a look past the acronyms.

A good SEO services campaign will ensure that when people search for the products or services your business offers, your company’s page will show up among the top results. So, not on the 147th Google page. This makes it easier for prospective customers to find you. It works, and it’s cost-effective.

Research has found that an estimated 51% of website traffic results from organic searches, 10% from paid search, 5% for social, and 34% from every other source combined. Increased traffic to your website means an increase in your revenue. Another survey noted that more than 40% of a business’s revenue generated from its website originates via organic web traffic.

A full-service SEO campaign looks like a creative team, writers, media relations, website design and development teams, and account leaders to ensure your business is well taken care of, your website looks and works great, and that you have sufficient media presence, original creative work, and solid writing.

An essential element of search engine optimization is keyword research. Identifying the right keywords that prospective customers most frequently use when searching for the products or services your business offers is critical. An expert keyword research team will pinpoint the best keywords and link-building efforts for you, and ultimately increase your ranking in search engine results as well as your organic online traffic.

One of the ways search engine optimization is implemented is via written pieces that live on your website and contain the best keywords for your business. This helps search engines find your website and place it in top search results. A team of writers will take your keywords and weave them into blog posts, long-form articles, web page text, and other content on your website. These keywords act like beacons for search engines to find them.

You should look for results reporting from your SEO services agency. On a regular basis, you should receive thorough reporting on the results of your campaign. By regularly reviewing how your campaigns are performing, the proper tweaks can be made to make it even better. These reports should include data like information about your website’s traffic, your top keywords, and detailed metrics analyzing your company’s search engine activity.

Above all, your SEO services agency should make your optimization efforts more effective and much easier for you.

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