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Highly Impactful Video Production

Video production communicates your message more effectively than any other medium in today’s market. Whether you’re selling your products and services, promoting a special event, enhancing your brand or just informing and training internally, Edgewater Digital will deliver an impressive, engaging video to communicate your message.

Video Production Process


The Objective

We start by getting to know you and your organization. You have a story, and we want to tell it. We’ll explain our process and answer your questions, but most of all – we want to understand your objectives. Portraying your purpose is our ultimate goal, and we’ll take the time to listen and learn, refine and polish ideas until your story materializes. It's ultimately all about telling a really good story and we can help you do just that.

The Visuals

Next, our award-winning production team will capture the imagery to create a captivating video, using stunning visuals that will communicate your message in a compelling and eye-catching manner. This video will be tailored to the platform you will use it on. YouTube? We'll keep it short and tight. Instructional? No problem, we've got you covered. We’ll edit all these raw elements into a cohesive visual to give life to you, your organization, your message and most of all – your story.

The Narrative

Next, Edgewater's video production team will craft the bullets and copy (visual, script, or narration copy) to relate your narrative in a dynamic and engaging manner. We may interview the primary players in your organization to get the story-line firsthand, or if narration is more powerful, our experienced copywriters will fine-tune a script. Edgewater Digital maintains a worldwide network of actors and narrators from which we or you may choose the perfect talent to give a face and/or voice to your story.

The Editing

Our post production work includes a number of elements to enhance the reception of your video production. Advanced video editing, color correction, sound design, voiceover/narration, and professional mixing and mastering of your project will all be done to the highest specifications to ensure your project POPS. Your final product will be rendered and delivered to you in the format(s) most appropriate for distribution to any digital, broadcast, and in-house platforms.

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