5 Reasons Why Your Website Design Really Does Matter

In digital marketing, the design of your website may be the last thing on your mind. You’re worried about search engine rankings, social media marketing, and content strategy. Why does the appearance of your website matter?

But your website is the digital face of your company. Online users can and will make opinions about your company and whether to do business with you based on your web design.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why good, affordable website design is a major part of your branding and your company’s success.

  1. It’s the first impression you make on your customers. The Internet is where your customers are going to find you first. If they hear about your business, they’re going to look you up. That means your website design is just as important as the inside of your store. Outdated website design or, even worse, no website at all will send consumers looking somewhere else to do business.
  2. It urges consumer action. Most online users are using their phones to search for you. That means your website design needs to be optimized for mobile users. A website that has maximalist elements or too many ads can keep a consumer from taking the necessary steps to make a purchase.
  3. It boosts your brand. Web design is a form of brand marketing. When consumers visit your website, they can expect to find images, graphics, and information that conveys what your company is about and what you stand for.
  4. You can provide more information. You can only give your customers so much information about your company, products, and services in an advertisement. Your web design gives you the chance to take control, make suggestions to your online users to visit certain pages, and provide the information you want.
  5. Your website defines your color palette. Color palettes may not sound like much, but they’re a key part of brand identity. When you reinforce the colors in your logo in your web design, it makes those colors stand out to your potential customers. The next time your audience sees those colors, they’ll remember your company.

Where can I find affordable website design services?

It takes only 0.05 seconds for an online user to form an opinion about your website. You want that user’s opinion to be positive to drive consumer action. But how can you build your new website to have a better design?

Edgewater Digital offers affordable website design services and graphic design services that can improve your web development and your site’s appearance. To learn more about our website design and development services, contact Edgewater Digital today.

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